Robbe’s “Valdivia” R/C Schooner

Building Robbe’s “Valdivia”

Robbe's Valdivia-- catalog image

Robbe's Valdivia-- catalog image

The real Valdivia

The real Valdivia

Part1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

I had the pleasure to construct Robbe’s “Valdivia” R/C schooner in 2006 for a multipart magazine article.”Valdivia” may be Robbe’s most expensive model boat offering, but it goes together beautifully. It’s neither a racer nor a museum model, but truly a fine and impressive pond boat.

Follow along here as I present the build in four parts.

6 responses to “Robbe’s “Valdivia” R/C Schooner

  1. Richard J Mace

    As one who built several static ships in his youth and who is now contemplating returning to this joyous pursuit (but with the added thrill of R/C now more intelligble than ever!), I welcomed reading your superb and clear account of your experience building the, “Valdivia.” I would love to build a large-scale R/C guided version of the Nova Scotian schooner Bluenose, but really am daunted by the technical requirements that accompany this effort. Where and how would u suggest I become savvy in sailing ship via R/C? My next project would be upgrading my static version of the Emma C. Berry, a long-time resident of yon living room desk-top. Thnx in advance for any help. RJM

  2. i would love to attempt to build your Valdivia R/C kit. Is it still available and if so what might it cost.

  3. Kyle Bonner

    Where can you find this rc boat?

    • matthewsmodelmarine

      Keep searching online, as Robbe ceased production… it has also been sold by Billing Boats under the name “Vanadis” (same kit otherwise).

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