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Dumas 1:20 scale PT Boat Upgrades

Looking for upgrade weapons for your Dumas PT-109 kit? The 48 inch-long 1:20 scale model? Something more than wood dowels for machine guns? And you’re bummed that neither HR Products nor Mosquito Boat Hobbies’ aftermarket offerings are available anymore?

Well, I have a number of detailed weapons available as 3D-printed kits at Shapeways, in my Matthews Model Marine shop:

Each has a detailed instruction document, available to download from my store.

The weapons are also available in 1:24 and 1:16 scale, and can be further scaled up and down as required… except, I usually can’t offer 1:48 or 1:35 and smaller, as many details on these models are already at their smallest printable size in 1:24.

The material used for most of these parts is Shapeways’ “Frosted Detail”, which is a UV-cured acrylic plastic. Please see my document Working with Shapeways’ “Frosted Detail”, posted at my Shapeways shop.



Breech door assembly for Mk 18 torpedo tube.


50 caliber Browning machine gun sets, available with ammo belts.


Cowl vent hoods… make the rest of the vent with tubing, easy.


20mm Oerlikon, also available on the new lighter tripod mount.


The famous 37mm cannon liberated from Army P-39 fighters.


40mm Bofors single


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40mm Bofors Mount Now Available


Designed in CAD for you.

I’ve teased some photos below of a large scale Bofors 40mm cannon I’ve been working on. It is now available at Shapeways as a kit in 1:16, 1:20, and 1:24 scales. (Please don’t wait around for offerings in 1:35 or 1:48, the model as designed won’t go that small).

The kit is currently only offered in “Frosted Detail” plastic, a multijet printed medium that produces fine detail, but which also causes these large models to be a bit of an investment– sorry about that! But please see my instructions for working with this plastic, it ain’t the same as your familiar model kit styrene!

The Bofors 40mm kit also has a complete instruction set, which can be downloaded and saved at any time.


The actual 1:16 version, assembled.


Instruction manual is available online.


Instructions include clear images for step-by-step assembly.


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