Private Robertson V.C. : 3D-Printing Project for a Hero

Private Robertson V.C. in 1:72

Private Robertson V.C., lead ship in the “Hero Class”, in 1:72

Latest completed model. Private Robertson V.C. is the first of nine ships in the Canadian Coast Guard’s “Hero Class”, based on the Damen Stan 4207 design.

This project was completed almost entirely with 3D printed components. Basic CAD layout and part design was done by myself, based on hundreds of photos and a small amount on intel found on the web… the owners of the drawings were not willing to share! More info on the build can be found on the Model Warships site:

Regarding the feasibility of 3D Printing for models: Yes it can work! But the cost in design time and materials probably excludes it from consideration from the average modeler’s budget. The technology did allow me to create parts that would have been extremely difficult to manage with traditional methods, such as the complex mast assembly. This was actually printed as a single component.


Mast assembly


A Police unit is embedded with the ship.


Foredeck details


Overall, aft quarter view


Controlled-pitch props drive the boat


Pilot house detail


Display case


CAD design and freshly printed cabin parts.

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One response to “Private Robertson V.C. : 3D-Printing Project for a Hero

  1. To John, who asked about parts availability (sorry, your provided e-mail address didn’t work):
    Thanks for asking John, but no I’m not offering parts, and they could not easily be scaled in any case.

    This was a one-off job, and the parts would need a lot of revision before I’d offer them, and then they’d still be way beyond what most modelers would want to pay.
    Most of the parts contain geometry at the minimum local size for acceptable printing; all would require “fattening up” before they could be scaled down, even to 1:87… a lot of work.

    Pat M

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