Pat’s 3D Printed Stud Link Anchor Chain

I’ve been doing a lot of work recently with 3D Printing… and I really need to blog more about that! But here’s one example that could be useful to you: Real stud link anchor chain, in sizes smaller than any currently available in metal.


Three sizes of chain: 7.5, 9.5, and 11.5 Links per Inch (LPI)


The chain is fully flexible. 7.5 LPI shown here.

The chain is offered through The Floating Drydock in 12 inch lengths.

A few notes about the chain:

  • It is an acrylic photopolymer- plastic! As such, it’s not suitable for operating anchors on R/C models.
  • The plastic needs some clean-up, as the 3D Printing process leaves waxes and oils on the parts. Hot soapy water or mineral spirits will do, with some gentle brushing. This may result in a white chalky residue, which in turn can be carefully brushed off, or if stubborn, just left in place.
  • The plastic responds well to acrylic paints. Hobby enamels (including primer) may react with the plastic and not cure completely.
  • The largest size, 7.5 LPI (0.9mm wire diameter) is suitable for 1:96 battleships.
  • The smaller sizes, 9.5 LPI (0.75mm wire) and 11.5 LPI (0.6mm wire) may be suitable for many smaller models; your research will tell.
  • 11.5 LPI is the smallest manufacturable. I wish we could go smaller… 15 LPI would be good for the new 1:200 BB’s, and a 1:96 DD needs about the same.

Here are links to a couple happy users:

If you find a place to use this chain, I’d love to hear from you!


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2 responses to “Pat’s 3D Printed Stud Link Anchor Chain

  1. Lou Harrison

    Hello, Pat: will the stud link anchor chain come back on the market? Especially the smaller sizes . . . 1:200 scale. Or is it just too fragile to be commercially feasible? Thanks,
    Lou Harrison
    Hayward, CA

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