Road Cases for your R/C Models

Road case

I have always been jealous of static modelers’ display cases. My R/C models all sit in various plastic tubs designed for transporting the models safely to the lake, and for keeping dust off them when they’re in storage… but the travel cases don’t work for displaying the models on the shelf, just hiding them.

But then I stumbled upon suppliers of hardware for DIY road cases- mostly marketed to musicians who want to make their own roadie-safe cases on a budget, but also to low volume manufacturers of specialty cases. This hardware centers on robust aluminum extrusions for building case edges, and the “tongue-and-groove” lips where case halves (bottoms and lids usually) lock together. Also big on the list are special recessed latches which resist being bumped open, and metal stampings for reinforcing case corners.

Read all about this hardware and the 4-foot long travel/display case I built for my tugboat Dearborn at RC Groups:


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2 responses to “Road Cases for your R/C Models

  1. Nice box. I like the look of that hardware. My efforts are plywood based and pretty simple – I’m not much of a carpenter!
    Photo here:

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