DeAgostini’s “Sovereign of the Seas” Post #02

The "first" installment

The “first” installment

I’ve agreed to review the Sovereign of the Seas kit from DeAgostini.  It should be interesting– while I am an experienced model builder, I have not been building “age of sail” display models, so much of this will be new to me. And as the installments will come to me at an undisclosed pace (due to my remote location from DeAgostini’s usual customer base), the excitement of waiting for the mailman will be even more acute than for those in the UK.

Full disclosure: The price of the review kit is my attention to the build and continued blog postings… but I receive no other compensation. And I can be a honest as I like about what I find… which hopefully will be apparent to my readers.

Due to my late start here, the first installment arrived with the first thirteen packets… normally, I believe, these arrive every week or two, allowing you to take on this large elephant of a model a bite at a time.

To avoid cluttering up this blog with all the details of the build, I’ve started a separate blog just for this build:
A Yankee Builds DeAgostini’s “Sovereign of the Seas”. It’s already well begun, take a look!


My previous Post, SotS #1

DeAgostini SotS website

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