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Just one of many titles listed at the Matthews Model Marine bookstore

Over the years, I have purchased, read, used, and reviewed a fair number of model ship building books, and historical books that give meaning and context of the subjects to the model builder.

I frequently recommend one title or another to modelers, but have recently found that some titles are out of print and hard to find. And even though my books are all on a shelf near my desk, I find that I forget what is there (so many books!). So why not list them all in one place, with links to places to review and purchase the books?

Great idea! And being lazy, and already an “Amazon Associate”, I decided to make use of Amazon’s free Associate Store function to set up the Matthews Model Marine Bookstore. One of the neat things here is that I can add some of my own comments, while readers can see others’ comments and reviews as well. Also, since Amazon has entries for just about every book in existence, even those only available on the used book market, I can include listings for all the oldies but goodies.

Full disclosure: Amazon Associates (me) get a small kickback, er, commission, on sales. The sales are COMPLETELY handled by Amazon, so you don’t have to worry about me messing up a shipment. And the very small bone Amazon throws to me costs the buyer nothing more… the pennies in question either go to Amazon share holders, or towards my next bottle of CA glue.

What’s in the bookstore? Well, I’m mainly a scale R/C ship buff, so there are plenty of titles in that area. And since we scale R/C’ers use many of the same techniques pioneered by static modelers, there are a number titles from that field. Then, tug boats, PT’s, and Chris Crafts are popular R/C subjects, so there are quite a few titles dealing with the real boats and their histories and usage.

Take a look, and buy a book! You’ll be helping me with my glue habit  😉


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