New PT Boat Book: Fighting Boats for a Fighting Navy

I know what you’re thinking… PT boats have been incredibly popular since they first joined the US Navy in 1941, and it’s no surprise that about a zillion books have been published about them… so the last thing we need is another one. Well, that’s why I’m publishing two more books about PTs!

When I was researching PTs for my PT-41 build, I came across a wealth of contemporary ads featuring PTs. Many of these ads are colorful and action-packed, and so typical of the ads of the WW2 era. I started collecting them as a side hobby… and now have over 200! For a long time, I had them posted at “Pat’s PT Ads” on the now defunct Yahoo Geocities sites. Rather than trying to recreate that site, I decided to go commercial and try to recoup some of my investment… which is why I’m self-publishing Fighting Boats for a Fighting Navy in two volumes. So, while PT boat fans have long known about these ads, this is only the second time that so many PT ads have been published in one place… you’re welcome, you’re welcome very much!

Because of the economics of self-published “print on demand” books, a full length book with color interior is just unaffordable. So I have “The Black & White Collection”, with over 200 pages of ads, all in grey tones… and “The Supplemental Color Edition”, a much shorter collection of the most interesting color ads. The pair would make a great addition to a PT fan’s library, but I can also imagine being satisfied with either one by itself.

The books are published through, and are now available at that site for ordering:
Fighting Boats for a Fighting Navy at Lulu
This site allows for a brief preview; take a look at both volumes! Sometime in April, they should also be available through Amazon.

BTW: Printed in USA!


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