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Mahogany in Scale: Model Chris-Craft Book

“Mahogany in Scale” by Patrick Matthews

Want to build a model Chris-Craft runabout? There are a number of kits available from the US model kit company, Dumas (as well as a few from out-of-production companies like Sterling Models). But these kits can be challenging, and there are a number of areas where they could really use some upgrades. My book, “Mahogany in Scale”, takes you through the steps of building and detailing one of these fun kits.

Mahogany in Scale, available online through my Amazon store.

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Matthews’ Ship Vents

Ships’ cowl vents are just a pain to make. And they’re hard to find in larger sizes from the typical model ship suppliers. So, using the latest process of 3d printing, I’m offering some in these larger sizes. Some elbow grease is still required on your part, as the process leaves a stratified surface finish on the parts. Still, better than whittling half a dozen of the things from limewood!

Read all about them at Writings > Matthews’ Cowl Vents for Model Ships

3D CAD Model of Ventilator

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