Converting Aquacraft’s Bristol Bay Fishing Boat

underway6sA great way to for a beginner to dive into scale model boating is to start with one of the many available “Ready to Run” or “Almost RTR” models. These are usually mostly all built up models with either all R/C gear included and installed, or perhaps you’ll need to supply and install some of it. If the latter, clear instructions and mounting positions are usually provided.

Now, these “models” have a few caveats. First, many are barely more than toys, not quite true “scale” models. Secondly, the Asian producers often are clueless about packaging, so damaged goods are not unusual. These points can work to your advantage– Tower Hobbies often has a number of boats like this in their “Scratch & Dent” section… and once damaged, you’ll have no problem with tearing the boat apart for further improvements!

A few years ago, I took on an improvement project using Aquacraft’s Bristol Bay fishing boat. Since I did a build thread at RC Groups, I’ll just give you the link instead of repeating it all here:

Since then, I’ve learned a lot more about fishing boats, and would do some things differently… but take a look at my build and those of several others that added to the thread, and I think you’ll get a few ideas. And as always, have fun with it!

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