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I mentioned elsewhere that I contributed a bit to Ships in Scale, a magazine devoted to scale ship modeling… which, yes, CAN include R/C models (harumph!). It was a real rush to get some of my photos on the cover, which I’ll unabashedly share here. And of course, many back issues are available in print, and many more on CD albums… just check in at the publisher’s web site,

Jan/Feb 2006 Jan/Feb 2006 was my debut, with the magazine taking an effort to feature extra R/C material. The cover photo is Andrew Charter’s schooner Cicely, taken at the 2005 Vintage Traditional Watercraft regatta on Solomons Island, Maryland… for which we have an article over there -> in “Writings”.
Jan/Feb 2007 Goodness, another schoner! This time, Jan/Feb 2007, it’s Robbe’s Valdivia, for which we have another story over there -> under “Writings”.
Mar/Apr 2007 PT-41, the boat most famous for removing General MacArthur from the Philippines (Mar/Apr 2007). My first serious scale R/C model, which involved significant research over several years. And yep, we have the story here in Writings.
Nov/Dec 2007 Nov/Dec 2007– Not far from me is the home of Fine Art Models, which builds commercially available and truly fine models of many transportation subjects. I was able to catch one of their 1:48 scale, 7 foot long USS Nicholas Fletcher-class destroyers before it was delivered, and a short photo essay was presented inside.

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