2005 Great Lakes Model Boat Show


This was one of my first articles, describing what may have been one of the last great model boat regattas in the Midwest. OK, that could be controversial, but let me explain. Starting back in the Golden Era of R/C model boating (80’s and 90’s), Regattas were grand affairs, resplendant in fine models, on-the-water competitions, and sponsors and prizes. Lots of prizes– radios, full kits, etc. And they were a bear to organize– I know, as I helped chair this particular show. It can drain you to the point that you don’t want to do another one… which might be why most shows today are much more informal. And maybe that’s a good thing– some of the most enjoyable Regattas I’ve attended have little in the way of formal competitions or fancy prizes, because it’s quite enough to merely arrange the tables at the venue.

So read about how one of these shows runs– in Writings, 2005 Great Lakes Model Boat Show.

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